“Uncomplicated Accounting”

It sounds more like a phrase than a way of life for a business, but that’s exactly what we pride ourselves on. Years of experience have taught us one simple thing: that most people have enough work to do and enough to worry about without accounting, taxation and compliance eating up their brain space. That is why we offer a very simple, easy and pain-free approach to your, accounting  and financial needs.

Uncomplicated Accounting - Here’s How We Do it:

We're Transparent and Welcoming

The first difference you’ll notice about working with Altitude Advice is that jargon, acronyms and terms designed to make us sound clever and keep you in the dark are not part of our vocabulary. Our aim is to help you get comfortable with accounting and tax, not bamboozle you with it.

Establishing one-on-one relationships is important to us: we’ve taken traditional accounting practices and transformed them into innovative client-focused services, because we know that you need us to be flexible, approachable, innovative and knowledgeable.

We Take the Time to Get to Know You

We do this because we want to understand you and your business. You see, we work in partnership with our clients, regardless of how big or small our role may be.

That means finding out about what you need, how you operate, if there is any room for improvement in your current business and accounting systems, discovering the goals you have for yourself and your business (financial or otherwise) and working towards supporting you in a way that alleviates stress and empowers you to take control of your business’ financial performance.

We Deal in Facts as Well as Figures

Information gathering and situational analysis is a big part of the service we offer. We ask a lot of questions. We review whatever you want to share. We research your particular situation. And most importantly we do a heck of a lot of listening. Our aim is to gain a full understanding of your current financial situation as well as the goals you have for the future and the issues you are facing right now.

At Altitude Advice, we dig through the facts about your business as well as the surface level figures so we can help plan and prioritise your accounting needs

Each Situation is Treated as Unique

Our information gathering processes plus the time spent getting to know you in the initial stages are all geared towards creating an approach to your particular situation that reflects your needs. Our solutions, fees and proposals all have one thing in common – what you need is at the very heart of what we offer.

We customise your plan of accountancy attack and we’re completely transparent about what it involves to make it a success. That way, you never have to worry about hidden costs and nasty surprises.

Run Your Business; We'll Handle the Numbers

Whether you’re moving from an old accounting system or looking to change accounting firms, we make your transition hassle-free.

Years of experience has taught us that one of the biggest impediments to switching to a new way of doing things is the sheer amount of time, energy and fussing about the change can take. That’s why as soon as you engage us as your chosen accounting firm we’ll do all the heavy lifting for you. Bottom line, we take on the organisational side of things so you can start activating your big plans.

We're Way More than Just a Tagline

"Uncomplicated Accounting" means if you want a Bendigo accounting firm that knows its stuff and also understands the kinds of things you need in accounting, tax and financial planning, you’ve come to the right place.

We specialise in taking away the need to stare at the ceiling at night in a simple, uncomplicated and approachable way. Our team takes a personal approach, and we’ll always encourage you to pick up the phone for a chat or drop in to see us at the office. We’re constantly motivated to provide advice and support when you need it - not just when you ask for it.

Meet our Friendly and Experienced Team

David Richmond


With over 20 years experience as a chartered accountant, David has extensive practical knowledge and the ability to 'think outside the square'. He holds a Bachelor of Business (Accounting and Business Law) and a Diploma of Financial Services (Financial Planning).

David has a passion for helping business owners to run better businesses so that they, their families and the people they work alongside have every opportunity for success. He specialises in business growth, taxation, financial accounting and financial planning.

Georgina Rawiller


Georgina has over 8 years experience in the accounting industry and holds a Bachelor of Commerce from LaTrobe Bendigo. She is a passionate accountant who strives to assist her clients in realising their potential in business and aims to support her clients and colleagues alike.

Georgina is a well organised, compassionate and trustworthy individual who is committed to helping you with all your taxation and business needs. She approaches all tasks with a positive attitude and has a high set of work standards, priding herself on her attention to detail. Georgina is the crazy plant lady of the firm, spending her weekends shopping for new additions to her ever-growing collection.

Kimberley Hocking


Kim has over 5 years of experience in the accounting industry and graduated with a Bachelor of Accounting degree. She is a great communicator and has worked to build relationships with clients in many different industries of varying structures and sizes.  

Kim has a passion for assisting clients in their business start up phase and has certifications in several of the available accounting software options. In her spare time, Kim enjoys camping, spending time with her dogs and renovating her house.

Simon Mikha


Simon holds a Bachelor of Accounting; he is passionate about assisting clients to reach their full potential. Simon is certified with Xero, Quickbooks and MYOB. In his spare time, he enjoys playing and watching sports.

Raphael Celestino


Raphael is a recent graduate from La Trobe University, with a bachelor degree in Business majoring in Accounting. Since starting here, he has developed a wide expertise in completing individual, partnership and trust tax returns, together with completing financials for businesses. 

Raphael prides himself on his great work ethic and adept attention to detail. In his spare time, he enjoys playing basketball, playing his guitar and re-watching The Office.

Katie Richmond


Katie joined Altitude Advice in 2018 as Office Manager, offering a wealth of experience in many different areas. Katie is pleased to have the opportunity to support a friendly professional team focusing on achieving best results for our clients.

Janelle Laurie


Janelle joined Altitude Advice in 2018 as part of the administration team.  She is a dedicated, organised, honest and self-motivated member of the team and loves working in a busy environment. 

In her role, she performs many administrative tasks for the team as well as providing bookkeeping services to many of our clients.  She enjoys getting to know clients, strives to think outside the box and goes out of her way to help the team and clients.

A Proven Recipe for Success


Initial Consultation

Our first meeting is all about getting to know each other better. We’ll ask about your business (if you have one) and assess the structures you already have in place for your company or personal finances. 


Transfer of Files

Once we’ve agreed to work together we will arrange for your financial details and associated files to be transitioned onto our system. We’ll also arrange for access to your software packages and to the ATO system.


Follow Up Meeting

This is a more in-depth discussion to define your personal and business goals, and discuss how we can help you achieve them. We’ll also drill down into more detail about any specific areas we can assist you with.


Ongoing Management

Once we have your instructions, we’ll get to work, regularly checking in with you to keep you updated as to how everything is progressing. Your feedback is an invaluable part of this relationship-building process.


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Tell Us What the Experience Will Be

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Uncomplicated accounting to help you achieve your financial goals.